How To Use Trimmer For Beard

In this article, you will learn how to use a trimmer for your beard. If you learn this then there would free yourself of going out to see a barber and save yourself a handsome amount of money and your energies.

The first step you need to take is to select a trimmer that best suits your requirement like you want to trim your beard, completely shave it or change your beard design, etc.

After selecting the correct trimmer you need to adjust the trimmer as per your requirement.

There are different numbers given on a trimmer, you can easily change the number (the number of millimeters you want to cut your beard).

This is perfect for stubble as you can alter the length as to how much you want to take off. The second thing that you would require is a comb.

How To Use Trimmer For Beard
Best Vacuum Beard Trimmer

With every trimmer come a couple of guards. There are different numbers engraved on it (max 2 on each).

You can change the sides as per the length of the beard you want to keep. If you want to trim your beard closer to the skin you need to move the trimmer down to your jawline from the upper side (move against the growth of the hair).

One should first cut the hair on the side of the beard and not the center (chin portion) as the hair on the chin is more than those on the cheeks.

This portion decides the length of your beard. Comb your beard before and after the trimming for a better result.

Common Beard Mistakes

Below given are some of the mistakes one should avoid all the time while trimming the beard.

When you are trimming your beard make sure that your beard is completely dry. Don’t trim your beard while it’s wet, especially after a shower or when you’ve applied some sort of oil, butter or lotion, etc.

As the water pulls down your beard, there are likely chances that hair at a specific portion of your beard may look longer and you’d regret cutting it at that time.

When the beard dries it will shrink back up and look normal.

When you are trimming your beard and looking towards the bottom line, you really want to shave that in the place where your head connects the neck.

One should not cut it right on the jawline. By doing so you would miss the chance of growing your beard longer.

The line from your sideburns to your mustache should be as high as naturally possible. You can bring it down if the hair is less on your cheeks to the point where the beard is fully grown.

Don’t trim your beard too often. Most people think that trimming it frequently would result in a long beard but it’s not true.

Plastic beard comb should be avoided and instead, a wooden comb may be used. It’s anti-static and won’t move your beard in the wrong direction at the time of trimming.

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