Difference Between Trimmer and Shaver

You must have thought what is difference between trimmer and shaver. Sometimes you shave while sometimes you just need to trim our hair or only trim your goatee. Trimming is cutting above the surface like grass trimming and is different from shaving.

Shaving means complete removal of hair from your skin. There are a lot of people who despite owning a trimmer or shaver are unable to use it.

So now you know what is the difference between Trimmer and Shaver.

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In this article, we would discuss how a trimmer works and what the principles a user should keep in mind and major differences between trimmer and shaver.

It is you who has to decide to use a trimmer or a shaver but must buy a good quality machine for a smooth and comfortable trimming/shaving.

Difference Between Trimmer and Shaver

How Trimmer Works ?

A trimmer is a small machine, designed for the required purpose. When we switch it on we would see that there are two blades and the upper blade oscillates.

These blades slide over each other. When the hair goes in between the two blades, it cuts. The hair gets cuts by the sliding action of the upper blade and static action of the lower.

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Both the top and bottom layers are tightly pressed to each other to trim very small hair. The motor which helps the blade oscillates rotates at a speed of 6000 rpm (ceiling fan has a speed of 400 rpm, car running at 100 Kms/hour has 900 rpm).

This quality enables the trimmer to cut the hair smoothly with amazing speed. A normal trimmer cut the hair 0.5 mm above the skin, because of the thickness of the lower blade as it’s the same.

So hair can only be cut above that. If you want to cut your hair very small then you need an adapter that can be easily fixed to the upper portion of the trimmer.

This adapter is adjustable using a manual controller from 1 mm to 10 mm. The average life of a trimmer is 2 years.

How Shaver works ?

If you are new to an electric shaver, it might take you a few shaves to get the perfect results and get used to it.

It may normally take 3 weeks for some people to adjust. The key is not to give up but to continue to use it.

Do not expect to get the same result as everyone else it might take some time for you as shaving is a personal thing.

It involves a lot of products and techniques. If you are still not able to get the desired result what you need to do is to try a new technique or update your shaver.

The first tip in the operating technique is to shave against the grain. Let the shaver do the work, you only need to press it hard against your skin sometimes but pressing it too hard may also result in irritation.

The second tip is to use a trimmer before shaver. It will help cut the long hair first and make the shave smooth and pleasant. Thirdly, apply some sort of a pre-shave product and lastly clean the shaver at the end.

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