Can We Use Trimmer For – Frequently Asked Questions

Any one who want to use trimmer must have questions in can we use a trimmer and for which body parts we can use it etc.

So if you are in that situation and have questions in mind no problem at all.All of your questions will be answered in this post.

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Can We Use Trimmer For

Can we use the trimmer for upper lips?

Yes, you can use it for upper lips hair removal. It can also be used for removal of other facial hair.

Females can use it for hair removal of upper lips as well as chin, eyebrows, sideburns, bikini, and underarms.

You need to run the trimming device opposite to the direction of the hair. As it is a sensitive area so you need to be very careful.

Should we use it for Body hair ?

Some people use the trimmers for removal of body hair but if you want to completely get rid of hair i.e. from your chest or legs you need to go for waxing.

If you wax the hair, it is much more pleasant to touch it when it grows back. When you shave it, it goes very blunt and may irritate you.

However, some trimmers can cut the hair from the root and give you a smooth shave or you can try this list of Best Trimmer For Goatee .

Is trimmers able to cut underarms?

A trimmers can be used for cutting underarm but it may not completely cut your hair. However, it can trim it to a level where you won’t feel uncomfortable. The hair remaining after trimming is usually sharp and tidy.

How to use trimmers for baby hair?

For cutting baby hair you need to adjust the trimmer to the amount to hair you want to cut. Normally people use the number 2 clippers.

The important thing to keep in mind is the design of the haircut you want to achieve.

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There are likely chances of removing hair you don’t want to cut so you need to be very careful if you are a beginner.

Quality of trimmers for public hair?

It can be used for the removal of pubic hair. First, you need to select a good quality trimmer for yourself as it is a sensitive part and one should never compromise on safety.You are recommended to check this list of Best Trimmer For Balls .

How do I use trimmer for legs?

It can be used by both the genders for hair removal from legs. Position the trimmer like a pencil in your hand and move it gently at a slight angle against the hair. Gently push it forward in the same direction to get the best results.

Any trimmer available for babies?

Yes, we can but the skin of babies is very sensitive. What you need is a sophisticated and good quality trimmers to avoid irritation.

Trimming vs shaving vs waxing?

Trimmer can be used for shaving but to get complete removal of hair waxing or shaving is recommended.

Should I use a trimmer for a haircut?

For a haircut, you require two things i.e. trimmer and a comb. Adjust the trimmer as per the desired number.

Move the trimmer against the hair’s growth direction and first, remove the hair from the side and then move towards the top.

Is there any trimmer available to do a clean shave?

There is trimmer available in the market which can trim your hair up to 0.24 mm. However, to completely shave your hair you may require a razor or shaver.

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