What To Expect From The Braun CoolTec

If you’re considering purchasing the Braun CoolTec, then it’s very likely you suffer from sensitive skin, just as 40% of males do.

Fortunately this electric shaver is designed for sensitive skin, making it an essential tool for anyone who wants to avoid the pain that shaving irritation often brings about.

It offers features and a design that makes it far different from other electric shavers available today and can make a big difference with your shaving experience.

From reducing itching and inflammation to leaving you with soft and supple skin, there’s a lot to learn about this electric shaver.

Features and Advantages of The Braun CoolTec

One of the biggest reasons why men prefer this electric shaver is because it’s made for those who have sensitive or delicate skin.

Braun prides itself on the cooling technology that aids with this, as it makes a huge difference with the overall shaving experience. This technology begins with a unique proprietary cooling system that you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition to this, it features an aluminum bar that provides cooling comfort to the skin while shaving.

As you pass the razor along, just press the cooling button and the aluminum bar will drop in temperature so you will immediately experience a cooling sensation on your skin.

Is the proprietary cooling technology that Braun offers really worth trying out for yourself? For those who own this, they would say yes.

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The cooling on the skin doesn’t only dramatically reduce razor burns but it also helps keeps pores tight.

If you could see an up-close view of this as you use it, you’d see that the blade doesn’t disturb the hair follicle, but instead simply cuts the hair at the base for a close shave.

If you have sensitive skin, then these are all things you want to happen to ensure you don’t have irritation later on in the day like you might be used to.

The unique design and technology that goes into the Braun CoolTec means that it’s much different from other shavers you’d find on the market today.

In fact, it can even be used with or without gel/cream depending on your individual preferences. However, it’s recommended to avoid using these products due to the fact that they may damage the shaver.

Fortunately if you do not use these they will not be missed, as the shaver has been designed to cause very little irritation along the skin. Most men don’t even feel the need to use aftershave balm because they are satisfied with the results with dry shaving alone.

If you think about your normal shaving experience, do you notice that you have to graze the razor over the same area multiple times? You’re certainly not alone, as many men have to do the same thing in order to get the closest shave that they can. Unfortunately, while this may temporarily provide your ideal results, it increases your risk of inflammation and irritated skin.

The good news is that the Braun CoolTec will eliminate the need to shave over the same spot repeatedly.

The adaptable cutting system combines with the powerful (yet quiet) motor to shave in three different stages.

While you may not notice these individually, you will notice that they leave you with a clean shave in just one or two swipes of the hand.

The Braun CoolTec isn’t only for individuals who have a 5 o’clock shadow or light growth after a couple of days.

It’s also handy for those who have medium thick beards, although men who have very thick facial hair may discover that it takes them a little bit longer to achieve the smooth results that they’d like.

To help with mustaches, beards, or sideburns, users will enjoy the attached trimmer that’s located on the back of the shaver.

It’s easy to use, convenient, and can quickly clean up facial hair for those who don’t want to shave it all off.

It’s essentially an all-in-one electric razor that allows you to personalize your shave, whether that means trimming or eliminating all hair.

When it comes to powering this razor up, the included charging/cleaning system will do that for you. Just place your razor into the system and it will automatically work on powering up the rechargeable battery.

However, if you’ve already used the battery in full, which can last around 45 minutes on a single charge, there is a quick charge option.

This takes 5 minutes and will provide you with enough power to shave one time, offering incredible convenience.

The cleaning part of this system is automatic as well, using alcohol-based cleaning fluid to eliminate germs and bacteria while providing lubrication.

It will even have a nice scent once it’s done so you feel like you have a fresh razor every time you pick it up.

The Downside to the Braun CoolTec (and who might not be right for it)

With a mid-range price tag, the Braun CoolTec is a solid option. It’s comparable to some of the most highly reviewed razors on the market, including others in the Braun Series 3 line.

It’s also great for those who need a relatively close shave even though they have sensitive skin.

Although there are many advantages of this shaver, it’s important to keep in mind that it may not perform well for those who have a large amount of thick hair.

Thick beards may also be difficult to trim down and require several passes to get a close cut.

Those who do have thicker hair may want to turn to higher end shavers such as the Braun Series 9 9055cc or the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc 5.

Final Thoughts on the CoolTec Electric Shaver

While the Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc 5.are some of the most highly reviewed razors available today, the Braun CoolTec holds its own against them.

Most of the reason why it doesn’t receive higher marks is because it doesn’t offer the closest shave possible, like some other options.

As part of the Series 3 by Braun it’s still a fantastic choice, especially for those with light to medium hair growth or sensitive skin.

It is one of the best electric razor options for this particular skin type and performs quite well while being easy to maintain.

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