Top 5 best trimmer for sensitive skin

1: Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 with SmartClean, reversible Wet/Dry electric razor with Cleansing Brush Attachment, S9721/89

Rating 4.3
Weight 3.3 pounds
Power Battery
Shaving Time 50 min
Waterproof Yes
Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 with SmartClean, reversible WetDry electric razor with Cleansing Brush Attachment, S972189

              Philips has a rotary motor, 3 heads and much more unique feathers that make it best for you. So, let’s begin to review it. First of all, it has a moveable head that can be move in 8 different directions. Its v-track shape can easily clean any area of the skin. Its blades are creating an appropriate shaping for your sensitive Skin. 

                   This trimmer is very preciseness with clastic technology. It is design to keep in mind sensitive skin. It assist you to vogue your facial hair with extra preciseness. It has a high power motor that have different speed settings. It has a special sensitive mode that allows you a smooth trim on our sensitive skin. 

                   Philips runs on battery that can be charge in just 2 hours and run for at least 50 minutes. By adjusting its motor you can increase battery life and timing. It is very light weight and easy for traveling. Its grip is very good, that help you in handling the trimmer. Pros and cons are mentions below that will you to get a decision about it.

  • It has 3 trimming modes.
  • Its blades are sharp and easy to clean.
  • It has a high power motor.
  • To get trimming with it you insert in manually.

2: Braun Series 7 790cc razor for Men

Rating 4.4
Weight 2.2 pounds
Power Battery
Shaving Time 50 min
Waterproof Yes
Braun Series 7 790cc razor for Men

Braun is one of the best trimmers in the series of 7. Its showcase if very elegant. Braun has several good accessories with it. It price is very reasonable and it comes with comprehensive package.

                   Braun has many unique features for example, it have active elevate technology, it can lifts up flat and curly hairs, and it comes with a swipe. Braun has 3 different cutting modes that enable you to cut your hair according to your desires. You can also set it modes according to your skin sensitivity.

                   Braun shaver has won accolades for black men to get simplest shavers. It is best for sensitive skin, with it you can cut any type of hair no matter if the hairs are growing or no long, it can cut them. It has a special mode that will ensure, your skin would not be harm.

                   As you know, that black man has curly hair, and cutting curly is not a simple task. Thanks to Braun, it can first lift the hair and then cuts them.

                 Its blades are very sharp, created with stainless steel technology. It can cut 0.5 mm to 5 mm hair. It has a high power motor than speed up your cutting. It runs on lion battery than can be charge in just few hours and run almost more than 2 hours.

                   But it has also little problem with it. Braun accessories are difficult to find, and it is little pricy. Pros and cons are mention below.

  • It design is very stylish.
  • It has 3 types of cutting modes.
  • It also has an active elevate technology to cut curly hair.
  • Its blades are very sharp and easy to clean.
  • It is little costly.
  • People face problem to get its accessories

3: RENPHO razor Rotary Shaver for Men, 2 in 1 men’s razor

Rating 3.9
Weight 13.6 ounces
Power Battery
Shaving Time 50 min
Waterproof Yes
RENPHO razor Rotary Shaver for Men, 2 in 1 men's razor

                               If you looking for a trimmer that have two in one functional come with compact unit and easy to travel than the trimmer it perfect for you. This trimmer has rotary model that can float have 3 floating parts. It can easy convert itself shaver to trimmer.  

                   Renpho blades are perfect for long beard hair. It stainless steel blades can cut any size and type of blades in just few minutes. It also has a moveable head that can move in four different directions.

                   Renpho is easy to maintain. You can easily cut wet or dry hair with it. After a cutting you can eerily clean it blades. It is very budget friendly trimmer that is perfect for safe cutting. It is fully waterproof. So, therefore, there is no chance of getting short circuit in it. Its whole body is washable.                    It has a security lock mechanism that will very helpful in travelling. To get a haircut of your private parts, you should first, detach its blades and rinses them underneath cold water. It runs on lion battery. Its battery timing is very good. Pros and cons are mention below.

  • It is very cost friendly.
  • It has mechanism of lock.
  • To show its battery status it has led.
  • It is very light weight.
  • According to some customer its parts are less sharp.

4: Panasonic Arc5 razor, men’s ES-LV65-S

Rating 4.5
Weight 1.4 pounds
Power Battery
Shaving Time 45 min
Waterproof Yes
Panasonic Arc5 razor, men's ES-LV65-S

With it 5 radical sharp nanotech blades, Panasonic arc5 is one my favorite trimmer. It has many unique features. So, let’s talk about them one by one. First of all we talk about its motor and blades quality. Panasonic have high power that can cut 14 thousands cutting action per minute and it can go up to 70 thousands per minute. You can adjust the speed of motor, but it has sensors that can adjust the motor and blades according to type of skin and hair.

Panasonic blades are very sharp; it has stainless steel blades that give you a smooth shaving below the foils. It blades can cut hair on any angle. Panasonic foils are very adjustable with skin and it can cut hair in different pattern. It can cut hair 0.3 mm to 4 mm length of hair.

           Panasonic head can move in four sides, it can move right, life, back and forth. It can cut any hair in any area of the face. It can easily cut your sideburns and mustaches and give a good clean look.   And last, we talk little about it power system. It run on lion battery that can be run 40 minutes continues. Its battery can be charge in just couple of hours. But before charge it, you should clean or dry the area, otherwise its battery life may be reducing. It is fully waterproof and it can easily cut on wet skin, but it is good on dry skin also.

  • It is very light weight.
  • It has a powerful motor that can automatically adjust.
  • It can cut on dry and wet skin.
  • Works best with a wet shave.
  • It has a pouch so, that you can carry it with travel.
  • There is LCD on it, so, you can see the status of the trimmer.
  • Its big head make trouble for you.

5: Braun shaver for Men, Series seven 7865cc

Rating 4.4
Weight 2.2 pounds
Power Battery
Shaving Time 50 min
Waterproof Yes
Braun shaver for Men, Series seven 7865cc

Braun created many popular trimmer and clipper in past few years. Braun seven is one of them. It is best electric trimmer continuous in the market.  So, therefore, let’s discuss it features. First we talk about its design, and usability. Braun is waterproof, meaning you can use it dry or wet area or you can use it with gel or foam. It is light weight trimmer that is easy to carry in travelling. Its grip is awesome. With these qualities, you can move your trimmer on any angle easily.

              Braun has a LED that shows the battery status of the trimmer. It runs on lion battery that can be run up to 50 minutes and can be charge in just few hours. Its led has featured, that indicates the battery full and low condition. It battery life is very good.

                   Braun blades are also very sharp and easy to clean. It stainless steel blades can cut any types of hair, in just few minutes. Braun blades can cut 0.5 mm 5 to 5 mm length of hair. As its waterproof, you can easily clean its blades after the shaving. Braun has high power motor than cut more than 10 thousand hair in just a minute.  

                                      Some pros and cons are mention below, if you like this product than support us by just click on buy on amazon link button. So, that we make more article for you. Braun is one best brand in the market.

  • It is very reliable.
  • Braun has led screen that show the status of the battery.
  • It has a charging dock and also a cleaning station.
  • It is very light weight and easy to carry on travel.
  • It is little costly.

Things to keep in mind before shopping a shaver for sensitive skin

Types of Shaver

                                Most of the time, your shaving habits can confirm what quite shaver can best suit you. If you shave on a daily basis or each different day, then foil shavers are probably the only possibility for you. However, if you let your facial hair go wild for a few days before doing something regarding it, rotary shavers are rather additional suited to your vogue? You’ll be ready to also contemplate trimmers if you just wish to trim your facial hair instead.

              Ultimately, the manner that you’re comfortably shaving ought to dictate what shaver you buy, not the other manner around. In different words, purchase one that’s right for you, don’t escort one that you simply just bought, otherwise you won’t be able to use your shaver to its full potential.

Wet and Dry Shavers

                              For sensitive skin, the only possibility is to continuously wet shave with water, foam, or shaving cream. Whereas some shavers are still light with a dry shave, the rule of thumb is that moisturized skin could be a smaller quantity simply irritated. Quest for shavers that have the Wet/Dry tag, as that is nice for sensitive skin. You’ll be ready to additionally quest for a completely waterproof shaver that you simply} just will absorb the shower.

              If you’ve further sensitive skin, it’s also best to require a footing in associate degree passing sensible shaving soap or gel to try along with your shaver, as a result of the additional moisturization from the froth can keep your skin from obtaining too irritated. If you set into impact a dry shave, then be careful and gentle once using the shaver, as an excessive quantity of pressure will cause redness as results of the vibrations from the shaver.


                          Having the ability to maneuver your shaver around your face plays an integral half in obtaining a neat, well-favored shave. A rough shaver is more durable to maneuver around your face, particularly if the wall outlet is much from your sink. A cordless, battery battery-powered or plug-in charged shaver is that the due to go here, for the most effective shaving expertise, and thus the most effective results. Cordless shavers are nice for travel, and most of them go along side travel cases.

             Rough  shavers are out-of-date, however do have the extra convenience of never having to fret regarding charging your shaver, however it comes at the worth of reaching to regulate to the position of your wall outlet if the wire is short, additionally as having to subsume pull the wire around whereas using it.

Power offer —

                                  Electrical shavers operate 3 varieties of power supply: battery battery-powered (AA batteries usually), plug-in charged (most trendy electrical shavers) and rough. The only kind might be a plug-in charged shaver, as you ought to not subsume an annoying wire or have to be compelled to purchase separate batteries each currently then.

          Battery powered trimmers are ideal for travel; however you sacrifice the convenience of recharging them simply. Thankfully, most plug-in shavers are still sensible for travel.

          There are nice deals of battery battery-powered shavers out there that are tight and low-cost, whereas keeping a top quality shave.


                                   When you select an electrical shaver, you would like one that simply feels right. A shaver that feels smart and well balanced in your hand results in an overall a lot of pleasant grooming ritual each morning. Some individuals like a lot of substantial, significant feel to their shavers, whereas other notices a lot of facility with lighter models. The grips are a vital issue as well; a good grip prevents slippery and ends up in a lot of precise shave.

.            Knowing specifically however an electrical shaver fits in your hand and the way you’re reaching to be shaving with its imperative to really mistreatment it. Some shavers take a bit to urge wont to, and sacrificing many days to urge suspend of its fully fine.

Simplicity of cleanup —

                                  Most recent electrical shavers go with a cleanup and charging station, and these are often easy for the customer. However, most of them use proprietary cleanup cartridges and may be harmed if the shaver has foam or gel on that. This can be simply remedied by just offing residue before inserting your shaver within the cleanup dock. Many folks opt to manually clean their shavers, and lots of shavers are often taken apart to be cleansed fairly simply.

                  If you are doing get a shaver with a cleanup and charging station, make certain to top off on cleanup cartridges or cleanup answer. Some charging docks won’t perform while not cleanup the shaver initial and having a cleanup cartridge handy can keep your shaver nice and sanitary.

Price vary

                                       One of the large stuff you need to suppose when shopping for an electrical shaver is that the value. Several electrical shavers are premium things, coming back with all types of bells and whistles, with a hefty tag to match. These shavers are AN investment and may last years if cared for correctly. Some cheaper choices also can have an equivalent longevity for a more cost-effective value; however they don’t go with further add-ons like a charging and cleanup station.

                    After you purchase an electrical shaver, you intend to use it for the predictable future. Generally, the lot of you invest into a decent shaving system, the longer it’ll last you, granted you provides it the right care and cleanup. Although giant value tags are discouraging, most costly shavers supply loads of bang for your buck. Think about it as AN investment into your self-care and confidence, which purchase are going to be abundant easier to justify.

Sharp Blades

                                                  Sharp blade is one among the necessary emblems of a shaver applicable for your sensitive skin. A low-quality blade can quickly wear off which can cause propulsion and tugging of your hair, and it’ll not shave as shut because it ordinarily would.

                     This may ultimately result in a lot of pressure being applied on your skin and can cause you to reconsider an equivalent space many times that may cause skin irritation.

Extra part accessibility

                                                Electrical shavers typically have 2 to a few replaceable components. From foils and blades to rotary heads and generally even the complete motor, you’ll need to possess one or two of replacement components prepared simply just in case. Some shavers tend to degrade over time with significant use, and having the correct replacement half are often a lifesaver. Most replaceable components are out there on-line where shaver units are sold, however the value tag of the components is a vital issue to think about. You don’t need to be paying upwards of $50 a year only for replacement components.

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